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Don't Quill the Messenger: Shakespeare Authorship Explored

Jul 31, 2019

Steven welcomes actors Hilary Weintraub & Alex Wendel into the studio! Hilary and Alex aren't just any actors, though - they've both been in Shakespeare plays that Steven himself directed! What's it like being an actor for an authorship enthusiast director? How does it affect an actor's process or performance? All...

Jul 17, 2019

Returning guest and accomplished writer Hank Whittemore talks with Steven about his popular book "100 Reasons Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford." The two discuss how the book came into existence on Hank's blog as well as a dive into a few select "reasons."

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Jul 3, 2019

Returning guest Don Rubin, professor of theatre at York University, Toronto talks with Steven about the special issue of Critical Stages produced by the International Association of Theatre Critics, focused on the "Question That Won't Go Away."

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